• Welcome to PALS- Multi-age!
    We would like to welcome you to another exciting year in PALS. Please read the following to review some of our daily and weekly routines.


    Snack - Students may bring a simple snack each day; please be aware that we have children with severe nut allergies. It needs to be something that can be easily cleaned up. If your child packs a lunch, please be sure to remind your child what is snack and what is lunch. This year we will be having an afternoon snack.

    Thursday Folders - Every Thursday, your child will be bringing home a yellow folder. This folder will contain your child’s weekly work, newsletters, and flyers from school. Completed student work will not be sent home daily. Please remove all papers and send this folder back on the next school day.

    Homework Folders and Agenda Books - Your child will be bringing home both of these items every day even if he/she does not have homework. In the pocket of his/her homework folder you will find a schedule of his/her weekly “Specials”. There is also a specials schedule attached to this paper.  These include Art, Music, P.E. and Library. This will help you remember to send your child to school with tennis shoes on P.E. days and will be a reminder on which days your child needs to return library books. Sometimes important papers from the school or county will be placed in your child’s homework folder. If your child has a homework assignment, it will be written in his/her Agenda book.  The school will be open until 4:00 p.m on school days, but for safety reasons the doors will be locked and unable to be re-opened after that.  **In order for you to be more informed about your child's homework and daily behavior, we are asking that you initial your child's agenda EVERY NIGHT!**


    *Please place any correspondence for the teacher in your child’s homework folder. Your child will be reminded each day to check for notes in their folder.


    Lunch - Each student has a six-digit lunch number. This number needs to be memorized as he/she will use it each time he/she purchases an item in the cafeteria. Second and third grade students will have the same number as last year. The students will be given index cards with their numbers to help them through the line. Your child may purchase lunch, milk, or ice cream from the cafeteria. Milk is included in a child’s lunch but can also be purchased even if your child does not purchase a lunch at school. Your child can pay for cafeteria items daily or in advance. Checks that pay for these items should be made out to “County of Loudoun”. It is suggested that you also write your child’s lunch number and Emerick in the bottom left corner.

    Newsletter- A newsletter will be posted on Emerick’s home page on the last Thursday of each month. This will give you information for the upcoming month. If you would like to have a hard copy of every newsletter, please let your child’s homeroom teacher know. You will find 9-week objectives for each subject area on the school web page as well.

    Daily Routines- During homeroom time your child will learn geography, science, and social studies objectives in a multi-age setting. During language arts and math your child will be working with grade level peers.  “Specials” and lunch will also be by grade level.

    Lunch Schedule:     Mrs. Larivey - 10:35 - 11:05

                                  Mr. Lewis - 11:15- 11:45 

                                  Ms. Talvy - 11:15 - 11:45

    Email- todd.lewis@lcps.org       PALS 3

                marissa.talvy@lcps.org   PALS 1 
                kelly.larivey@lcps.org    PALS 2


    You can also access our email through Emerick’s web page. We try to check our emails each morning and at the end of the day. We will reply in a timely manner. Please do not use emails as a way of changing your child’s transportation routine. Those changes should be made through the office or by sending in a note. 

    We are looking forward to a FANTASTIC year!!!! 
    Todd Lewis
    Kelly Larivey
    Marissa Talvy     


Last Modified on August 28, 2018