Point System:

    I use a simple point system. Your grade will be calculated by dividing the points that you earn on a particular assignment, over the total number of points. *Homework and classwork will be 10% of your grade. 

    For example, let's say you receive 85 points on a 100 point test, 85/100 = 85%. Let's also say that you receive 38 points on a 50 point writing assignment, 38/50 = 76%. Let's add a 20 point homework assignment. You get 20/20 = 100%. Congratulations! So to calculate your current grade, add 85, 38, and 20, that will give you 143 points. Now, divide that by the total number of points, which is 170.

    143/170 = 84%. Your current grade, after three assignments is a B. 



    50% Floor on all Assignments:

    There is a 50% floor on all assignments. In other words, the lowest grade that you can get on any assignment is 50%.

    For example, if you receive 22 points on a 100 point assignment, your grade will not be 22/100 (22%), it will be 50/100 (50%). That's what I mean by a 50% floor. We will discuss this in more detail during class.


    Late Work:

    If you do not submit an assignment on the due date, your grade will automatically become 50% for that assignment. This applies to all assignments. If you are absent on the day an assignment is due, you will get full credit for that assignment (all things being equal) if you submit the assignment no later than the beginning of the next class. 


    Test and Quiz Make-Up Due to Absence:

    You will have two class periods to make-up a quiz or test. For example, if we are scheduled to take a test on Monday, and you're absent on that day, you will have until Friday to make-up that quiz or test. Obviously, life events, and unexpected eventualities, will result in exceptions, and modifications to all policies.










Last Modified on November 18, 2019