• The Reading Program at Dominion Trail

    At Dominion Trail, we use a comprehensive literacy approach to reading that supports students as they evolve into successful, lifelong learners.  A comprehensive literacy approach provides students with various opportunities to participate in read-alouds, shared reading, interactive reading, guided reading and independent reading.  In addition, students engage in modeled, shared, interactive, and independent writing. 

    On behalf of each student the following objectives are set:


    ·        To develop basic skills that enable them to get meaning from print

    ·        To think critically about what is read

    ·        To use reading across the curriculum as a tool for learning

    ·        To experience the rewards and pleasures of reading

    ·        To become independent writers who write for a variety of purposes


    We have one full-time reading specialist and one half time reading specialist who work as resource teachers both with pull out small groups and in the classroom with small groups or whole class, diagnosticians of reading difficulties, and as consultants to provide support and training for the regular classroom teachers.