EL (English Learners) Department
      The EL program at Dominion Trail Elementary offers support to all students that speak a language other than English.  The EL team pushes into Kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms to work with students in all content areas.  We focus on the acquisition of academic and content-specific language.  A pullout approach is also utilized as needed in order to ensure the best possible learning environment for all children.
    At Dominion Trail, we focus on the following elements
    • Listening - Learning to understand English spoken in a wide range of social and   academic contexts.
    • Speaking - Learning to speak English with increasing accuracy and fluency in order to convey meaning appropriate to a wide range of social and academic contexts.
    • Writing - Learning to produce written English with increasing fluency and accuracy to convey meaning appropriately in a range of social and academic contexts.
    • Culture - Learning concepts that result in knowledge and awareness of the history and culture of classmates, Virginia and the United States.