Students will explore the world of Art in the Art Room at Countryside Elementary School. The Art Room is a place where all students can succeed. Students of different abilities and skills will enjoy a positive learning environment. Students will explore different mediums and styles of art. They will observe and use a variety of art techniques. Basic concepts of art will be incorporated in the students artwork. Through art, students will also explore cultures studied in the classroom. Students will be introduced to a variety of artists. 

    Tell Me About Art Class

    Students in Kindergarten receive art once a week for 30 minutes while Grades 1 thru 5 receive Art once a week for 50 minutes.  Students will expereince drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpting, and assembling.  They will be exposed to a variety of artists and styles of Art.  Students will be encouraged to use problem solving skills, creativity, and their imagination to create unique artwork.  They will also experience creating art projects which reflect content studied in the classroom.


Last Modified on June 16, 2022