• Music is an expression of the human spirit and a fundamental aspect of all human culture.

    Music is a unique way of knowing, feeling, and connecting, and it speaks to everyone in some form!

      Kids dancing

       All students in grades K-5 will have ONE 50-minute music classes each week. Students will perform, create, read, notate, experience, and analyze music individually and with peers to develop their musical understanding, literacy, and tastes. In keeping with national music education standards, musical concepts will be taught in the context of a broad range of culturally and historically authentic music in a variety of styles and genres.

    **Mx. Thompson primarily communicates via email to announce and inform about events and class activities, so please check your email and open ParentVUE periodically. Students and families can also access their Schoology music course for supplemental materials.**


    LCPS Standards for Elementary Music Education

     The music standards for each grade Schools can be found by clicking this link: LCPS Elementary Music Standards

Last Modified on August 14, 2023