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    I am a native Texan, raised in Venezuela, Dallas and Houston.  I am a member of the Choctaw Nation and, also, one quarter Camanche. My maternal great-great grandmother, Missouri Eddy, was on the Choctaw Trail of Tears.  All four of my paternal great grandparents were born in Germany and spoke no English.  They entered the United States between 1901 and 1906 through the Port of Galveston.  They settled in the central Texas towns of Malone, McGregor and Crawford .  English was actually my father's second language, as his family spoke only German, at home, for much of his childhood. 

     My most memorable school years were spent at San Tome Staff School in San Tome, Venezuela,  I graduated from Lake Highlands High School in Dallas, Texas.  From there I completed my undergraduate college years at North Texas State University  (now the University of North Texas) in Denton, Texas. 

     After graduating I spent a summer studying in the former country of Yugoslavia.  For over 2 months I traveled throughout the countries known, today, as Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia.  I  returned to Texas to begin work on my masters in political science. It was during this time that I taught at the college level.  I soon began my first full-time teaching job at Denton High School, where I taught Algebra, Pre-Algebra and AP Computer Science.  I spent the next 5 years teaching math in the Lewisville Independent School District.   During my years in LISD, the district was one of the fastest growing school districts in the country, just as Loudoun County is today.  While teaching at DeLay Middle School, I completed my masters degree and my administrative internship.

     My family then moved to Northern Virginia.  During my first years in Virginia I taught in Manassas City Schools  and then became a teacher and department chair  in Fairfax County Public Schools.  With great remorse, my family moved from Northern Virginia to Pennsylvania.  While in Pennsylvania, I taught at the middle school and high school levels and also spent time as an assistant principal and director of curriculum at a middle school.  Family issues required that I return to Texas, where I taught all levels of high school mathematics at Frost High School, the Home of the Polar Bears. 

     In 2006 I returned to Northern Virginia, the area I have long considered to be my home. This is my 8th years at Briar Woods High School, but  I still look forward to manymore exciting years of teaching in Loudoun County at BWHS.

     As for my personal life, I have two beautiful daughters.  My older daughter, Karen, graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in May of 2007.  She  lived in Northern Virginia from 2007 to 2010, but returned to San Antonio, where she is completing her masters in history and historical preservation. My younger daughter, Sarah, lives close to her father and husband's family in Pennsylvania. He son begins his adventure in education as he enters kindergarten. Sarah holds a masrters degree in socialogy and works with crime victims.  As for my grandson, his father (an Eagles fan) and I have reached a compromised:  in 17 years my grandson will be drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers!

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     3rd  Statistic  7th  SAT Prep
     4th  Statistics  8th  Department Planning
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