• Elementary Gifted Programs


    SEARCH for K-3 Students

    Grades K-1 - 25-minute, biweekly, hands-on SEARCH lessons focus on the five thinking keys - perceiving, reasoning, connecting, creating, and evaluating. 

    Grades 2-3 - 50-minute biweekly SEARCH lessons build and expand on the five thinking keys (perceiving, reasoning, connecting, creating, and evaluating). Lessons are frequently tiered for increased challenge while maintaining accessibility for all learners. 

    FUSION for Identified 4th-5th Students - Two Hours Weekly 

    Two hours of pull-out enrichment for 4th and 5th grade students who have been formally identified for gifted services. FUSION, formerly FUTURA, bolsters critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills through collaborative, exploratory, real-world activities.

    FUSION alternates annually between two themes: Innovation and Leadership. For SY23-24, the theme is leadership, so will be ivestigating leaders, learning about leadership skills and traits, and being leaders in our school community.

    FUSION students also receive 2 hours weekly of math and language arts enrichment.

    DCI - Differentiated Classroom Instruction - for Identified 4th-5th Students

    Weekly enrichment for 4th and 5th grade students who, during the gifted identification process, exhibited advanced performance in Language Arts or Math.  The gifted resource teacher meets with DCI students to provide extension or enrichment options to differentiate instruction for them in their area of strength.  These activities are designed to provide additional opportunities for rigor and deeper learning in language arts and/or mathematics.

    EDGE-Empowering Diversity through Gifted Education 

    The EDGE program is designed to nurture and challenge students with advanced academic potential from groups historically underrepresented in LCPS advanced academic and gifted programs. The program provides additional academic challenges for students designed to develop students' individual potential. Classroom teachers and gifted education resource teachers work together to nurture academic potential in young learners and prepare them for more challenging and rigorous academic pathways. This program does not necessarily lead to a gifted education designation for future grade levels for the student, but is there to nurture and challenge the student.