The Early Childhood Classroom


    The Early Childhood Classroom uses evidenced-based practices. These strategies are proven effective for developing skills with our students. Specific practices are matched to individual learning styles and unique needs.  The classroom has a low student to teacher ratio. All related services are delivered within the classroom setting.  The Early Childhood Team collaborates closely with parents. Our team provides monthly parent training including home visits to increase consistency between school and home. The students participate in Community Independence Instruction at least two times per month to foster communication and independence. 


    The classroom has an established routine and uses visual supports to create a feeling of security and predictability in the environment, to promote communication, and to encourage engagement. The toys and other materials are organized to encourage and create increased opportunities for the children to make self-initiated requests. The classroom is well equipped with sensory tools and equipment (a swing, therapy balls, tactile toys, oral motor items, body stockings, and proprioceptive (weighted) vests) that are easily accessible or may be requested by the student for self-regulation purposes.  The students have opportunities for group instruction during lunch, snack time, circle time, and craft activities.