• Belmont Station "Quality" Physical Education
    Mr. Comins and Mr. Carpenter
    What is "Quality" Physical Education?
    A program that involves moderate/vigorous activity 90% of the time or more
    Intentional fitness - Use of functional equipment
    Teacher role modeling of all lessons
    Safe practices
    Feedback Technologies
    Core curriculum content integration
    Physical fitness and nutrition integration
    Our lessons for the 2017-2018 school year will reflect a physical education program that stresses physical fitness, nutrition, and motor skills.  The Belmont Station physical education teachers will continue to teach the Five for Life program.  Children in grades one through five will participate at moderate to vigorous levels of physical activity for much of the time they attend physical education class.  All activities will be centered around the academic content presented in the Five for Life curriculum.  Intensity levels, the five components of fitness, nutrition, the muscular system, and the skeletal system are several of the units that will be taught this upcoming year.  Feedback technologies such as heart rate batons, pedometers, and various iPad applications will continue to be stressed this coming school year as well.  Please take some time to check out our web page.  It will be updated at least one time each month.  
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