• Eligibility Information


    The LCPS Gifted Education Office is moving the 2020-2021 gifted eligibility process to the fall of 2021. This decision was made to ensure that the process is safe and equitable for all LCPS families. Curricular enrichment opportunities designed to develop talent will be offered for students during the first marking period. Screening and identification will begin in November. Virtual information sessions will be held in the fall to share information with LCPS families. At that time, families can follow up with their child’s gifted resource teacher with questions.


    Standard Eligibility Information, as provided on normal years:

    If you are interested in referring your child to be evaluated for gifted services, please submit a referral form to the gifted resource teacher at your child's school during the referral window (Will be in the fall of 2021 - TBD) . Parent/Guardian Referral forms can be printed by using the link below.

    If you have questions about the gifted eligibility process, contact the gifted resource teacher at your child's school. The gifted resource teacher is there to help guide you through this process.


    Determining eligibility for gifted services begins with a referral.  The process of gathering information from teachers, gathering student work for the portfolio, and testing (if necessary) takes time.  The division level committee typically reads the portfolios in late March, SEARCH teachers will not have enough time to prepare the portfolios for students whose referrals are received after the typical February deadline. Referrals must be submitted during the established referral window. *** Keep in mind, due to the interruption in school (Covid)  the referral process will take place for rising 4th graders in fall 2021- dates TBD***


    For Parents of 3rd and 4th Grade Students

    District Referrals - Students with qualifying test scores on the CogAT will receive a district referral via US mail.  With parent permission (via a signed referral form returned to school SEARCH teacher), these students will be evaluated for gifted services.

    Parent Referrals - Parents of students who do not receive a district referral letter, but who wish to have their children evaluated for gifted services, may submit a parent referral form to their child's SEARCH teacher from (TBD- FALL 2021)


    For Parents of 5th Grade Students

    Parents of 5th grade students who wish to have their child evaluated for gifted services that start in middle school, may submit a parent referral form to their child's SEARCH teacher from (TBD  Fall 2021 - Spring 2021)


    Parent/Guardian Referral Form (UPDATED FORM EXPECTED SOON) 



    Appeals information will be sent to you if your child is found ineligible for gifted services.   You will need to present new information that wasn't already in the student portfolio.   This sometimes consists of work saved from school and home or outside activities and outside testing.  When you respond to the appeal, that simply puts your name on the "docket" and you will be later provided more information and a deadline to have the additonal items sent in for review.