Students have all participated in 4 guidance lessons on career exploration the past 2 months and have had a great time sharing their interests and future dreams. April will be a time to focus on how to handle anxiety, worrying, and other strong emotions. 5th graders will begin their middle school preparation guidance lessons and have a chance to meet representatives from their middle schools with the scheduled visits in April and June. 
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    April is the Month of the Military Child.  To recognize our military families and students, the School Board passed the Month of the Military Child Proclamation Wednesday March 23.  In addition, Virginia Department of Education has sent the attached flyer regarding April 20, 2022, as Purple Up Day for Military Kids. School counselors will give our BBES military students a purple pencil and bracelet to wear and use with pride. 




    Thanks to everyone who participated in our Kindness Challenge and dress-up days, it was great to see the enthusiasm! Our focus in February and March is on career exploration and continuing education. 

    Kindergarten and 1st graders will be thinking of all the possible careers they can reach for and what they need to be successful. 2nd graders are working on goal setting, 3rd grade learns about the 16 career clusters, 4th grade refreshes on the clusters and digs into their interests and passions when finding the perfect job, and 5th grade will work on completing an interest inventory. In between these lessons we will be talking about different options for what happens after high school and what jobs may require more training or degrees. Don't be surprised if your child starts asking you about school and careers! We will be ending our unit in March with 4 days of spirit dress up days. 


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    Students this month will be participating in a Great Kindness Challenge! Classroom lessons will focus on kindness, acceptance, cooperation, building relationships, and empathy. January 24-28th will be our Kindness Spirit Week, each day is a different Kindness Dress Up Day. Also, a newsletter and Kindness Challenge sheets will go home with each student to complete. Once completed, students will return to the School Counselors and can write their name on our "Be the I in Kind" bulletin  board! Information will be going home the week of the 10th. Paper copies in English and Spanish will be included for your children to take part in this great event! Thanks for always supporting our character education program!








    Welcome December!

     Students have wrapped up lessons on bullying prevention by learning ways to stand up for each other and step in to stop bullying when they see it happening to others. Through the end of November and into December, students will have a chance to learn about the different cultural traditions their classmates celebrate while sharing their own traditions. Students will be coming home with a snow globe worksheet to decorate that shows the food, clothing or holidays their family embraces. We hope you find an opportunity to share family stories and histories with your student to strengthen their ties to what makes their family special!





    november newsletter 


     bully board






    growth mindset

    Welcome September!

    Mrs. Casey Smith (2nd-5th) and Ms.Lisa Wiernik (K & 1st) are leading classroom guidance lessons and introducing themselves and their roles as Elementary School Counselors.  The remainder of lessons in September will be on growth mindset. School Counselors are available to ALL students everyday! Staff and parents are always welcome to visit, call, or make appointments with the counselors for any support or help with your concerns.