Our Character Trait for May is TRUSTWORTHY










    Our Character Trait for April is ACCEPTANCE

    Students in all grades will learn to appreciate and accept each other and each other's differences. We are exploring Career/College awareness throughout all grade levels and focusing on goal setting, following your dreams, and getting to know ourselves through interest inventories. 


    I will be out of the building April 2-8 for a family emergency, I will check my email throughout the week but not consistently. 


    Winter groups are wrapping up and will be completed during the last week in April. Final spring groups will begin in May. 











    Our character trait for March is COOPERATION.

    Students in all grade levels will practice cooperating with each other through team building activities. We are practicing listening, direction following, sportsmanship, and communicating through "I-messages". An "I-message" is a non blaming way of expressing your feelings with a sentence like "I FEEL___ WHEN YOU___". Many classes have discussed emotions and handling them, ways to improve relationships, and acceptance of differences. 


    5th grade course selections forms have gone home to be signed and almost all have been returned. I have forwarded them onto their respected middle schools where the student is slated to go next year. 


    Winter groups have started and will continue up to spring break. New spring groups will start when we return, look for permission slips in April/May. 






    Before the week started.....................................................................AND.........................................After! 94 students completed the challenge!

    kindness             kindness


    Our character trait for February is FAIRNESS.


    Students will be learning the difference between FAIR and EQUAL this month. EQUAL is defined as everyone getting the same thing, FAIR means everyone get what he/she needs in order to be successful. This is important for students to understand as they see different children, adults, family members being treated differently or being given different things, etc. I am teaching the students that often times, there is a reason one student is getting more attention, chances, or help, but it may be a private matter and we can't assume things just "aren't fair" all the time. 


    Feburary 4th-8th is National School Counselor Week and we are having a Kindness Challenge for students and staff to complete. Students were given a kindness challenge chart to complete and turn in to their teacher. Once turned in, I will then write their name on a heart cut out and put it up on our Counselor Bulletin Board to be displayed all month. 


    Winter group permission slips are still coming in and groups will be forming this week. I will be ready to start next week with the new groups, once I have scheduled everyone. 


    5th grade field trip to Harper Park/Smart's Mill is now Friday, February 15 at 9:30. Parent info night for Smart's Mill is Feb. 13 at 6:30. 





     Our character trait for January is RESPONSIBILITY. Students in 1st-3rd grades are learning how to solve problems on their own before asking an adult to help, accepting ownership, not making excuses, and fixing their mistakes. 4th graders are on "Habit 2" from the book 7 Habits to a Happy Kid. Our first habit was "BE PROACTIVE", this month, habit 2 is "BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND". Students are discussing planning ahead and being responsible for their choices. 5th graders are being introduced to the layout and basic procedures for middle school. As their field trip nears, I wanted to take the time to show them the map of Smart's Mill and answer any pressing concerns. We will explore in depth middle school rules, classes, and locker opening in the spring. Upper grades will also be discussing organizational skills. 

    Winter support group permission slips are coming home this month, check Thursday folders if you would like to sign your child up for a group. 






    bulletin board


    Our character trait for this month is CARING. Students in 3rd through 5th grade will be participating in a compliment circle to fill their buckets and those around them. Lower grades will be exploring ways they can show they care for themselves, others, and the environment. We will be reading several stories on acts of caring, bucket filling, and lessons that will instill confidence and empathy. As always, my door is open should you have any questions or concerns. 






     growth mindset


    Our character trait for this month is GROWTH MINDSET. Students will be learning the difference between having a "FIXED" mindset versus a "GROWTH" mindset. I will be teaching them that they are always learning, changing, growing, and making new connections and pathways. The more we practice skills, have a positive mindset, change the words in our thinking, and keep an open mind, the more we grow and learn! The power of the "YET" will be instilled within the classroom when students say they "can't" do something. Be on the look out at home for ways we can have a more growth mindset rather than a fixed!

    Groups are in full swing, as well as individual students in counseling sessions. A new set of groups will begin after winter break, if your child didn't make it into this round. Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns. 







    Our character trait for this month is BULLY PREVENTION/AWARENESS. Students in upper grades will be learning the difference between meanness and bullying, learning how to stand up for themselves and others by being upstanders instead of bystanders, identifying a trusted adult in the building that they could go to if they need further assistance, learning about cyber bullying, physical bullying, and emotional bullying. Lower grades are exploring the difference between tattling vs telling and big vs small problems. Friendship skills are also being taught along with social skills. These topics are covered throughout the year as well, but concentrated for this month specifically. My goal this year is to have 95% of all 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders identify a trusted adult in the building. 

    Group permission slips will be going home this month. We are offering 3 groups this Fall, we will offer another session of groups in the winter, and then in the spring. IF you would like your child in a group, please return the permission slip by Friday, October 26th. Teachers will also be able to recommend for a few different groups but you will be notified and would have to give permission for this to happen.  

    My door is always open if you have a question or would like to talk about any concerns. 






     bulletin board
    Each month our CHARACTER TRAIT of the month will change and classroom guidance lessons will be taught accordingly. This month and September, we will focus on RESPECT. To kick off our Character Trait, students and staff are encouraged to wear BLUE on Wednesday, September 5! We will have a friendly grade-level competition on which classes are sporting the most BLUE, teachers included!
    Guidance lessons this  month are introductions to the new school counselors, explaining expectations and things to look forward to this year school year!
    Individual counseling is available from the first day of school, until the last day of school. Support groups will begin in October. Permission slips will go home for possible group placements in September, however, feel free to come in or call if you have questions before then.