In the event that weather or other causes necessitates either closing or delaying the opening of school before buses start on their routes, announcements will be made over the following radio/TV stations by 6:00 a.m. These stations are notified by direct calls and should be the primary stations that are monitored. Announcements are made for each day that schools are closed. If no announcement is made, you should assume that schools are open.
    WAGE (1200 AM) Leesburg

    WMJR (107.7 FM) Warrenton

    WINC (92.5 FM) Winchester

    WMAL (630 AM) Washington, D.C.

    WAVA (105.1 FM) Washington, D.C.

    WMZQ (98.7 FM) Washington, D.C.

    WZYQ (103.9 FM) Washington, D.C.

    WRC (TV 4) Washington, D.C.

    WJLA (TV 7) Washington, D.C.

    WUSA (TV 9) Washington, D.C.

    WCXR (105.9) Alexandria

    WTOP (1500 AM) Washington, D.C.

    WASH (97.1 FM) Washington, D.C.

    In the event of a delayed opening, please stay tuned to the radio/TV station in case some change in the weather causes schools to be closed for the day.

    A one-hour delay would mean that all morning programs would operate as usual except that they would start one hour later, 9:15 a.m. The second session for Kindergarten, and ESL will run on the regular schedule.

    A two-hour delay would mean that school opening would be delayed for two hours, 10:15 a.m., with specific alternatives to the following programs:

    Kindergarten, ESL

    Session one for kindergarten and ESL will begin two hours late. They will remain for a two-hour session (10:15-12:15). The second sessions for these programs will begin one hour late and meet until the end of the normal day (1:00-3:00). This will mean that kindergarten and ESL children will have at least a two-hour session.

    Buses-Please be aware that bus schedules will be altered accordingly.


    Breakfast will not be served.


    In the event that circumstances necessitate the early closing of school after school is in session, announcements will be broadcast over the same radio/TV stations listed previously.

    When an early closing is necessary, it will probably be announced that school will close either one or two hours earlier than usual.

    One-Hour Early Closing

    All bus routes operate as usual except for starting one hour earlier than the normal time, 2:00 p.m.

    Two-Hour Early Closing

    1. All bus routes operate two hours early, 1:00 p.m., with the following exception:

    Second sessions for Kindergarten and ESL are canceled.

    2. Session one for Kindergarten and ESL will go home at their

    regular time, 11:15 a.m.

    Each family should have a plan for emergency school closings. A form has been provided for you to indicate your family’s emergency plan. If, for any reason, school is closed early, we will be able to remind your child what he/she is to do. These plans will be kept in the classrooms. Having the school call you in case of a closing should not be a part of your plan. We also ask that you not call the school for information concerning early dismissals. The staff will be busy notifying drivers, preparing for dismissal, etc. and phone lines need to remain open to receive instructions from school officials.


    On occasion it is necessary to delay or close a certain section of the school system while other schools are open. This is usually referred to as a cluster closing. Clusters are designated by the high school the students attend or will attend. Thus, Ball’s Bluff Elementary School is in the Heritage High School cluster.

    The following guidelines will be used if your child attends a school in a cluster different from his/her home cluster. This generally applies to some of our special education students.

    If the home cluster is closed and the assigned school cluster is open, transportation services will not be provided.

    If the home cluster is delayed and the assigned school is on a regular schedule, transportation services will be provided on the delayed schedule of the home school.

    If the home cluster is open and the assigned school cluster is on a delayed schedule, transportation services would be provided on the assigned school cluster delayed schedule.

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