• PEER Helpers

    Positive Experiences in Educational Relationships

    2024 - 2025 Application Process

    1. Students are referred by a BW Staff member and receive an invitation to apply for PEER.
    2. Complete the application process by March 15, 2024 -  Application Form Link
    3. Applicants will interview with Advisors and PEER Mentors. 
    4. Selected students will work with their counselor to add it to their course schedule. 

    Need PEER Support? 

    Student Request PEER Meeting Pass Request 

    Staff Referral - PEER Lunch Buddy Request

    PEER Advisors:

    Mr. Whitacre - Social Science and Global Studies Teacher & PEER Advisor (202) - blake.whitacre@lcps.org

    Mrs. Pond - School Counselor & PEER Advisor (School Counseling) - kimberley.pond@lcps.org
    Ms. Holland - School Counselor & PEER Advisor (School Counseling) - erin.holland@lcps.org
    Mrs. Quimby - School Social Worker & PEER Advisor (School Counseling) - kristin.quimby@lcps.org

    Who are we? 
    PEER Helpers are students who are trained in basic counseling, listening, and communication skills. PEERS are available to talk with other students who may have a problem but don't want to talk with an adult. PEER members are selected through an interview process. The PEER class meets during the school day and is a non-credit class, so students must have room in their schedule to participate. 
    In the past, the PEER class has sponsored:
    • "Mix It Up Day" where students are asked to sit with someone new during lunch. 
    • School-wide projects on Bullying, Teen Dating Violence and Respect. 
    • "Lunch Buddy" PEER takes new students to lunch.
    • Mentors to elementary school students
    • "Stress Less, Laugh More" Week before exams and SOLS
    • At some schools, PEER provides peer support for students needing a peer to talk to

    This year, PEER will meet during lunch blocks. After training, the PEER members will choose the special programs and ways they would like to build a strong school and student body.

    Please note that this is not an academic tutoring program.

    Outreach Videos - created by PEER students
         2014 - 2015 BWHS PEER Video - Promoting positive attitudes towards peers.
Last Modified on February 16, 2024