• For 2020-21  DEADLINE November 6, 2020
    All current members fill out application and pay association dues to continue your membership for 2020-21
    LINK for current members : Mu Alpha Theta Application    Payment Link: HERE
    New student applying to Math Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta
    MU ALPHA THETA: must be a junior or senior to apply
    Please read prior to applying: 
    Sponsor: Mrs. Conrath, Room L403 Math Department, Teacher

    In order to apply to the Math Honor Society:
    1: You are currently in your JUNIOR or SENIOR year at BWHS
    2: You are currently enrolled in an AP AB Calculus, AP BC Calculus, AP Stats, AP Computer Science or a college level course at AOS/AET course.
    (There will be another opportunity to apply in the spring for students not currently enrolled in AP course)
    3: Your NON-WEIGHTED MATH GPA is a 3.70 or higher and will include the Q1 grade for 2020-21.
    4: Fill our and submit form by the deadline of November 6, 2020.
    5: Submit Annual Association Dues with the Submission of this form. $ 25.00
    6: Use the link provided for payment.

    Thank you for applying to the BWHS Math Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta. The sponsor will provide the students applying with information soon once the application and review process is completed.
     LINK for NEW members : Mu Alpha Theta Application      Payment Link: HERE


    Induction 2016-17
     Jacob     Grace    Jacob and Grace.. super job!
    Mr. O'Rourke    Thank you Mr. O'Rourke!  Everyone enjoyed your stories!  
    Ms. Seiler and Mrs. Conrath
    Seiler and Conrath  
    Handing out certificates!  (Pick yours up if needed)
    certs 1  
    certs 2  
    Induction Ceremony for 2016-17 from December 13
    Thanks to all!
     Super thank you to Chiptotle!  
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