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    Dr. Miriam Westervelt

    Welcome to Environmental Science!

    Westervelt is a Charter staff member at THS and has been an Environmental Educator her entire professional career.  She holds a PhD in Human Ecology from the University College of London where she studied forest change in East Africa, a Master’s degree in Natural Resources, and a Master’s degree in Secondary Education She was selected as Teacher Naturalist with the Smithsonian Institution, earned a Professional Certificate in International Natural Resource Conservation, and is a certified Virginia Master Naturalist. Westervelt is also a certified ELL teacher and taught at Marymount International School in Rome, Italy as well as Park View High School. Westervelt worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service until the classroom called. Miriam.westervelt@lcps.org

    "My reasons for hope are the human brain's capacity to solve problems, the determination of young people, the resilience of nature, and the indomitable human spirit." Jane Goodall

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