The Tuscarora School Counseling Department is honored to serve the student school community by providing academic, social, personal and career development support throughout high school.  

    It is our priority to assist each and every student to determine their post-secondary goals.  By working in tandem with the faculty, administration and community, we hope to present an environment of academic excellence to insure an opportunity for all students to succeed.




    Jennifer Reed, Director of School Counseling

    Tracy Mandina, School Counselor (A-COF & AVID 2 & 3)

    Keegan Barr, School Counselor (COG-HAC &AVID 1 & 4) 

    John Han, School Counselor (HAD-McA)

    Megan Beardsley, School Counselor (McB-SCHE) 

    Samantha Charmo, School Counselor (SCHI-Z)

    Michael Newkirk, Career Center Assistant 
    Michelle Vocke, Registrar/Administrative Assistant 

    Celene Goodwyn, School Social Worker

    Benjamin Fernandez, School Psychologist




    801 North King Street
    Leesburg, VA  20176


    Phone:  571-252-1907

    Fax:  571-252-1908


    CEEB Code:  471-232


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    Gale, Cengage Learning’s compassion and awareness of the imperative and dire need for providing solutions that will support our students mental health and wellness has given birth to the curation of a collection of resources for teens who are battling with anxiety and depression- and provides targeted resources of guidance for students, teachers, and counselors- letting our students know that they are never, ever alone. Teens will have the comfort of utilizing such support resources in the safe and private avenue of The Gale Virtual Reference Library via their own private device.  


    Click here to learn how to access the Cameron Collection.





    Tuscarora High School has many types of resources available to students. Please click this link for a list of ways to get help academically, socially and/or psychologically. Also be sure to check out the Tutor List.







    For the latest monthly news and happenings at Tuscarora check out the Husky Highlights




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