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    So what is the Battle of the Books?  Books that cover a number of genres are selected by reading specialists at each of the high schools. Different genres include fiction, nonfiction, humor, mysteries, science fiction and fantasy.  Students on the Battle of the Books team from each participating school read as many of the books as possible (10 titles this year).  Club meetings are very important so that battlers can discuss the books and retain as much information about them so that when the battle rolls around, everyone is prepared. The semi final and final battles take place in April each year, with a team of students from each high school answering “Jeopardy style” questions about the books. The winning team will receive the coveted Golden Book trophy.


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    Question/answer chart for each title you read You can save this  document to your home computer as a Word Document, and then type your questions/answers in the document, save, and email as an attachment to Mrs. Walter.
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    Mrs. Walter:  stacy.walter@lcps.org

    Phone Number: 571-252-1900

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    The Battle of the Books club will meet informally, every Friday morning during the first semester as a "check in" with the reading specialist. Starting second semester, we will meet more regularly (once-twice/week)and we will begin practicing for the competition. Unless otherwise notified, all meetings will take place in the Library. The 2017-18 Semi Final Battle will be March 21st for the Western District at 9:30 am at Loudoun Valley High School. The Final Battle will be on April 11th, 9:30 am at Briar Woods High School.
    2017-18 Titles


    1.     March: Book One – John Lewis

    2.     Gunpowder Girls – Tanya Anderson

    3.     Spare Parts – Joshua Davis

    4.     Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

    5.     The Girl with All the Gifts – M.R. Carey

    6.     Prisoner of Night and Fog – Anne Blankman

    7.     All American Boys – Jayson Reynolds & Brendan Kiely

    8.     What Can’t Wait – Ashley H. Perez  
     9.    Orbiting Jupiter – Gary Schmidt

    10.    Highly Illogical Behavior – John Corey Whaley











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