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    Timothy Greening 
    Social Science & Global Studies

    Woodgrove High School
    Home of the Wolverines


    Tim Greening

    Email: Timothy. Greening@lcps.org


    Mr. Greening graduated from the honors program at Virginia Tech in 1989 with a degree in English. He received his Master’s degree in English - with a special emphasis on literary theory - from the University of California at Berkeley in 1990. He successfully completed coursework and comprehensive exams for a Ph.D. at George Washington University, leaving there in 1995 to begin a career at Loudoun County High School, where he taught for 15 years. He earned certification in social science and began specializing in the teaching of social science electives. He taught social science electives for six years before moving to Woodgrove High School as department chair. He stepped down from that role after five years. He currently teaches AP Psychology, Global Social Issues, Economics, and Philosophy (The World of Ideas). He also coaches the Woodgrove Debate Team and sponsors the Green Team.


    Room 407

    Rest in peace, precious cart. Stop by my permanent home in 407 to hear some tunes. The disco ball and evil hand live here too. And murals! Lots of murals.

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     2019. 2020 Course Schedule 

    Period 1 WH/Geo to 1500 A
    Period 2 Global Social Issues Sem
    Period 3 AP Psychology
    Period 6 WH/Geo to 1500 A
    Period 7 Psychology Sem
    Period 8 WH/Geo to 1500 A
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