•  English Teacher

     Educational Affiliations
    Montana State University 
    George Mason University
    Ms. Jordan 
    After receiving degrees in both English and Psychology from Montana State University, Ms. Jordan fulfilled her student teaching obligations in Ireland and finally settled in Loudoun County. In the Fall of 2003, Ms. Jordan completed her Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Informational Technology, and continued her educational pursuits by participating in the GMU Virtual High School collaborative. Additionally, she has also finished her coursework for certification in English as a Second Language.
    Ms. Jordan has been teaching in the Loudoun County school system for the past sixteen years. She has taught freshman, juniors, and seniors at the academic, honors, and Advanced Placement levels. She believes that it is imperative to the future of students and of education itself that students are offered a broad array of educational opportunities, in order to both enrich their lives and provide for academic success. Moreover, the acceptance of innovative and diverse approaches to instruction and learning has personally inspired her to become more creative in her teaching practices.

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    A1- English 11 B5- Planning
    A2- English 11 B6- AP Language
    A3- Planning B7- AP Language
    A4- RWC B8- AP Language
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     ExtraCurricular Positions

     AP Language Curriculum Development Committee
    College Board AP Reader
     National Education Association Delegate
    VDOE Item Review Committee Member 
    VDOE Standards Committee Member 
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    520 Evergreen Mills Road SE Leesburg, VA 20175