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     ******************Professional Biography:

     WHS BSHORES Mrs. Shores was born and raised in Loudoun County. She graduated from Loudoun Valley High School in 1997 and continued her education at James Madison University. During her four years of college she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and a minor in secondary education. She taught at LVHS for one year and Harmony Intermediate for nine years. She was an inaugural staff member in 2010 at Woodgrove High School. Mrs. Shores currently teaches Algebra 2 and Advanced Functions and Modeling.
      2018.2019 Class Schedule


    Block Course************************************
    2  Alegbra II
    3  Precalculus
    5  Precalculus
    6  Alegbra II
    7  Alegbra II
       Email: Betsy.Shores@lcps.org