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    Karen C. Curtis, PhD, NBCT
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    What students say about Dr. Curtis:

    "Karen Curtis is a beautiful person inside and out!  You can always trust her and she gives great advice!"


    "Dr. Curtis, you're my favorite teacher.  You're so chill.  I love you."


    " Thank you for making Early Childhood one of my favorite classes.  I look forward to it and always wonder what we are doing for the day.  Thank you."


    "Dr. Curtis, your energy in the classroom is awesome to see as a student.  A teacher who is actually excited about what they teach and actually puts effort into the material and thier students is what inspires people. :)"


    "I want to thank you, Dr. Curtis, for being a wonderful teacher and inspiring me to be a future educator."

      2018.2019 Class Schedule


    Block Course  ************************
    1  Early Childhood Education I/II
     Introduction to Early Childhood Education 
    3  Human Development
    4  Study Hall
    5  Early Childhood Education I/II
     6 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
       Email: Karen.Curtis@lcps.org