What makes a school succeed?

    Involvement and commitment of the students, parents, faculty and staff
    that make up the community, identity, and spirit of the school.
    We have three organizations that support students, parents, faculty and staff:
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    How do I decide which are right for my students and family?
    Are your students:   

    Musically or Fine Arts/Theater inclined?

    Þ Become a member of WM&AA, and check out their WM&AA’s website!

    Athletically inclined or enjoy watching high school sports? 

    Þ Get a Season Pass and membership to the WWABC.  Check out the WWABC website for more information!

    Interested in supporting Woodgrove HS overall, and keeping up to date with all the school news (including  important School Counseling updates)?

    Þ Become a member of the PTSO, check out the PTSO website  AND

    Þ Sign up to get The Woodgrove Weekly e-newsletter!

    Should I only be a member of one organization?
    NO! If you’re interested in supporting the Woodgrove High School
    community overall — Consider joining all three!
    Resources for Parents include those at the district level. LCPS makes these resources available on the district website, and can be access by following this link.
    Additionally resources for parents of high school students can be access by following this link. County resources include the monthly publication 'High School Parents Still Make the Difference.'