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    (NOTE: Please do not leave a voice mail on Coach Burns' cell phone as he is just a good 'ole boy from NW PA & is somewhat technologically challenged....no kidding, I'm serious. As for texting him, don't even go there. The other coaches are much more tech-savvy.)

    Posted--Friday, June 7, 2013
    WXC DATA SHEET - Parents: Please download and complete the data sheet and return it (email preferable) to Dave Ciccarelli (a.k.a., "Coach Chic") @ "dave@horizoncommunityservices.com" (not case sensitive).

    Summer running begins @ 8:00 a.m., Tuesday, June 11th, at the flag poles in front of Woodgrove High School (WHS). Parents, please allow at least 90 minutes for Summer running/conditioning. The coaching staff will notify you if this changes. Please ensure that your student/athlete(s) have (a) running/athletic shorts, (b) a loose fitting t-shirt of tank top, (c) running shoes (not court shoes, keds, chuck taylors, high tops, basketball shoes, etc.) as these will damage your child if they attempt to run long (or not so long) distances in them, (d) water bottle. Summer running goes Monday through Friday @ 0800 @ the flag poles (unless otherwise notified) through Friday, August 2nd. Summer running is voluntary, but, as most of our student/athletes well know, those who put in the miles do better in the Fall.
    We will not meet on Thursday, 07/04/13. Weekend runs should be arranged among student/athletes because it's always easier to get a run in when you have someone expecting you (as opposed to sleeping in and never getting around to it). If your student/athlete is what we should consider a Summer running regular & will be absent from Summer running, feel free to email Coach Chic about when he/she will be missing (and even where they are if you see fit) so we won't think they've tired of us and dropped off the face of the WXC earth. After all, we care for the little urchins... we really do & we miss them when they're gone.
    Official practice begins at 0800 on Monday, August 5th, at the school. To practice with the team on or after 08/05/13, your student/athlete must have all paperwork turned into the WHS Athletic Director (AD) or Assistant Athletic Director (AAD), not the WXC coaching staff. Required paperwork can be found @ & downloaded from the WHS Athletics webpage.
    At noon on Monday, 08/05/13 (yes, the 1st day of practice), those WXC student/athletes going to camp will meet back at the school packed & ready to go. We will travel in caravan (parent transportation to be coordinated in the future) to Concord Retreat (www.concordretreat.com). It's about 75 minutes west of WHS in Yellow Springs WV. Campers will return to WHS on Saturday, August 10th at about noon. In years past, the cost for camp has been about $250 (includes lodging and food). For new runners and parents thereof, we will let you know as June/July progresses if we feel that a student/athlete might not be ready for camp (which involves increased mileage...but student/athlete mileages may vary). Stay tuned for more details.
    We do not have the Fall 2013 schedule fully planned at present. Suffice to say that there's a good chance your student/athlete will be competing every Saturday from the last Saturday in August through the 1st Saturday in October and on at least 4 Wednesdays during that time period. Saturday invitational meets are large affairs involving up to 100 teams while Wednesday meets are usually between 3 or 4 local teams. Saturday meet bus departures can involve having your student/athlete @ the school anywhere between 0530 and 0730 while Wednesday meets typically involve bus departures from WHS at about 1600 (4pm) with races starting @ 1730 (5:30 pm). Stay tuned for details.
    The primary means of communications between the WXC coaching staff and student/athletes and parents of student/athletes is by mass email. Please ensure that Coach Ciccarelli (dave@horizoncommunityservices.com) has a good email(s) for you and please check your email regularly especially as we head towards and into August. FYI, he's a former jarhead and tends to use 24-hour time w/out colons so 1300 is 1pm, 1600 is 4pm, etc. Don't worry, you'll get used to it.
    We are looking forward to a great season.
    Let's go run!
    The WXC Coaching Staff
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