Please take a few minutes to discuss the clubs and activities offerings for the 2018-19 school year. Students will have an opportunity to hear about the activities and clubs through Advisory time on Thursday Sep 13th.

    Sign up links will be going live at 8:00 pm EST on Wednesday September 19. You can preview the clubs here but if you click on the sign up links prior to 8pm on Wednesday, the link will say the club is full.

    Clubs Site



    The following clubs and activities meet the following days. Please note many have a maximum number of students.


    Day of Week

    Activity and Club


    Max # of students


    Student Council Association (bi-weekly)

    Ms. Creason



    Science Olympiad

    Mr. Hein




    Soccer Club (1st and 3rd Wed)

    Ms. Lipovsky



    Battle of the Books

    Ms.Land and Mr. Frye


    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

    Ms. Bland


    Family, Career and Community Leaders (FCCLA) !st and 3rd Wednesdays

    Ms. Hughes and Ms.O’Connor



    Hands That Care Club

    Mr. Carey



    Basketball Club (twice monthly)

    Ms. Ivory-Brown


    Cricket Club

    Ms. Butka


    Creative Writing Club

    Ms. Sheaffer and Mr. Frye



    Game Development Club

    Mr. Hein



    World Languages Club (different world language focus on each Thursday)

    Ms. Duma, Ms. Brackins, Mr. Rohrbach and Mr. Kluber

    25 students per week


    LEO Club

    Ms. Williams and Ms. St. Clair

    Interest survey capped at 60

Last Modified on September 19, 2018