• These are links to the scholarships that are available to Loudoun County students.

    All scholarship applications are due to Mrs. Develli in the Career Center by March 26, 2009.


    You may notice an April 1st deadline on some of the applications.  April 1, 2009 is actually the deadline for Briar Woods to send the applications to the County Scholarship Committee.  Mrs. Develli needs to have them by March 26th in order to process them by April 1st.  The student deadline is March 26, 2009.


    Mrs. Develli will automatically prepare a transcript to include with your application.  You do not need to request a transcript from the guidance secretary.


    Please make certain that applications are signed and completed.  If letters of recommendation are required, please have the teachers give the letters to Mrs. Develli by March 26th.

Last Modified on February 27, 2007