Dr. Erica Hanson



Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Erica Hanson

A little information about Dr. Hanson....

· This is Dr. Hanson's fifth year teaching Science at Stone Hill Middle School!!  Before Dr. Hanson became a middle school science teacher, she helped in the fight against breast cancer by doing post-doctoral research at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

· Dr. Hanson's family consists of her husband and two awesome children (ages 13 and 15) in Loudoun County Public Schools.

· Before teaching in LCPS, Dr. Hanson's family spent four years living in Brussels, Belgium. Her husband worked for the US Govt, her children went to a local (French-speaking) school, and Dr. Hanson worked at the American Embassy to Belgium.

· Dr. Hanson is super excited to be working alongside your children in the discovery of science!!!

· Dr. Hanson believes communication is very important, so don’t hesitate to email her at any time for any reason.                    erica.hanson@lcps.org

Last Modified on August 16, 2018