• Counselors are always ready to work with students who are experiencing personal or emotional difficulties.  Students can stop by the counseling office to make an appointment.  If a student needs to see a counselor for an urgent matter they should let the counseling secretary know that they need immediate attention.  Referrals to school counselors can be made by parents, teacher or other students.
    Students can always request to meet with their counselor by signing up in through the counseling office or using the link below
    The Briar Woods Counseling Department offers comprehensive programs based on the current needs of all our students.  Some of these programs are described below.
    LCPS Mental Health Services brochure
    PEER Counselors
    Often students can benefit from talking to a fellow student.  PEER students are trained to listen and to determine when student problems require more professional intervention.  Students can refer themselves or friends who are having various problems.  Contact Mrs. Hoffmann in the counseling department for more details.
    Support Groups
    Certain services are provided for students having specific issues and needing ongoing support through groups lead by Loudoun County Public Schools school psychologists, social workers, and school counselors.  Through a school-wide needs assessment conducted in the Fall, we determine the specific needs of our students.  If interested in any type of support group, please contact a school counselor.

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