• Kelly Inman, School Counselor

  • Jennifer Alberth, School Counselor

  • Laura Andrews, School Counselor

  • Yvonne Jackson, School Counselor

  • Anne Kayser, School Psychologist

  • Rochon Moore Bumgardner, School Social Worker

    I am the social worker for Stone Hill Middle School and excited to be a member of the Stone Hill Unified Mental Health Team. I am dedicated to supporting the whole child and their families through mental health support, resources, and access for socio-emotional wellness and academic achievement. I find it important to celebrate each child for their unique gifts and allow them to share those gifts for their personal success. 

    I constantly seek ways to promote self-care for better mental health and wellness. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and supporting my children in their various sports and activities. 

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