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      WIFI-Briar Woods High School has outdoor WIFI connection from LCPS.  See map here.
      Loudoun County Public Schools is connecting our students with the world by providing Chromebook laptops to students. Each student at Briar Woods joins each LCPS school receiving a 1:1 student device to ensure that students have access to the information, tools, and resources they need to make meaningful contributions to the world. For more specific information, please visit the following sites:

      Our students receive instruction in online safety, digital citizenship, and information security through lessons during Advisory, as well as during class lessons. Common Sense Media provides students, teachers, and families with resources to make wise decisions, remain safe, and protect their personal information online.  Another resource provided by Common Sense Media is Wide Open School.  These resources include translated information in Spanish, Parent and Caregiver Guides and Student Activities.  Explore their content with your student.  In addition, view our Parent/Family Information page from Common Sense Media.  This information is designed to support you in your conversations with your students regarding healthy digital habits.  Briar Woods High School is proud to be a Common Sense Media certified school.

Last Modified on April 11, 2023