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    College Counseling Resources -- Where Do I Begin?

    The college search and application processes can be both challenging and rewarding; often for the first time in their lives, students are charged with determining their own future. While this can be wonderfully exciting, students also need to assume a greater degree of responsibility than they are used to assuming. Parents, on the other hand, are faced with the challenge of knowing just how, and how much, to guide and motivate their children along the way.  While this challenge is certainly not new to parents, they’re often more torn than ever between providing advice and direction to their children and letting their children assume ownership of the process.

    For AOS students:  this is your future. Your actions will determine your directions. Your experiences here at the AOS have peaked your interest and pointed you in the direction of options to explore in your post-high school education.  My role in this process is in many ways similar to that of your teachers at the AOS – to be a guide for you and your parents, to provide counsel, to question, to suggest and to educate. I am here to support AOS students in the college application process.  More than anything, I hope we can help make this journey a positive process for all of our students and parents.

    Listen to advice from your teachers and advisors here at the AOS who have guided many students through this process.  Listen to your parents; they can’t make decisions for you, but there is no one in the world who cares more about you, and they know you much better than you think they do. Through honest dialogue and collaboration, each of you will have a great story to tell about the journey to your undergraduate education.

    I look forward to working with you throughout the college admission process.


    Jayne Fonash

    Guidance Director

    Academy of Science

Last Modified on August 4, 2010