Professional Biography


     Anita Richard
     World Language Teacher 

      Mme Richard received her BA in French from Radford University.  During her junior year, she attended the Alliance Française in Paris.  She completed her Masters of Foreign Language Studies in French at Auburn University.  She continued her studies in French at the Institue de Pérou à Montpellier, France.   She has taught French and/or Latin at Waynesboro HS, Strasburg HS, Auburn University, Loudoun County HS, Park View HS, and Stone Bridge HS.  Madame has been at Stone Bridge HS since its opening in 2000. 

    Before her career as a French teacher, Mme Richard exercised race horses.  She continues to enjoy horseback riding with her new horse, Smokey Bleu.

    Madame is teaching French 1, 3, & 4Honors.  She is sponsor of the  French Honor Society.
    In Google classroom, Madame posts daily activities, assignments and handouts.
    Links to QUIA & Quizlet are on the LINKS page.

    Mme Richard
     ExtraCurricular Positions
    Sponsor of la Société Honoraire de Français  (French Honor Society)  
    43100 Hay Road, Ashburn VA 20147 
    571-252-2200  EXT.