• English 9

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    Mrs. Oblas--Mrs. Oblas has been at Stone Bridge High School for 12 years.  She teaches English 9 and is a Content Enhancement Professional Developer and Coach.  Mrs. Oblas is married and has two sons, Caleb (4) and Jacob (20 months).  Mrs. Oblas enjoys being part of the Stone Bridge community.
    On this website you will find information to help you succeed in Mrs. Oblas' English classes.  Click on the "classwork/homework" page to review what we have done in class and to view current homework assignments.  To view classwork from previous quarters, click on the "past assignments" page on the left.  
    Mrs. Oblas can be contacted by email at jennifer.oblas@lcps.org or by phone at 571-252-2200.  She is only here on B days, so please schedule an appointment to meet with her or make up work.
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