• Ms. Lisa Fiorilli has been teaching in Loudoun County since 2005, and she has been at LCHS since 2012. Previous experience includes Stone Bridge High School, H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program in Arlington, VA, and The University of Massachusetts. She completed her masters degree in English with a Concentration in Teaching Writing and Literature at George Mason University, where she also worked as a Research Assistant. Ms. Fiorilli earned her undergraduate degree in Music Performance at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and she continues to be involved in music in the community.

    This year, Ms. Fiorilli teaches English 12 Dual Enrollment, English 10, Creative Writing (Semester 1), and Etymology (Semester 2). 



    • English 10
      • Agendas and assignments are posted on Phoenix (also known as StudentVue/ParentVue) and/or Google Classroom.
    • Dual Enrollment
      • Agendas and Assignments are posted on BlackBoard and/or Google Classroom. 



    • Poetry Club



    • Email Ms. Fiorilli if you need assistance or have questions. 
    • Ms Fiorilli uses the safe messaging service called REMIND to communicate with students--email Ms. Fiorilli for the number and password for your class, or check the syllabus for your course. (Parents/guardians are invited to join as well.)