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    Mr. Lind is the Dean of the Learning Resource department. Welcome to Mr. Lind’s web site. He has worked at Stone Bridge High School for the past 13 years.  Before coming to Stone Bridge, Mr. Lind worked for over twenty years for Jefferson County, West Virginia Schools.

    Mr. Lind's educational background consists of the following: B.A. Elementary Education from Shepherd College, M.S. in Management from W.V.U. and a M.A. in Special Education from W.V.U.


    Mr. Lind can be reached for a conference any day before or after school. (Please give a one day notice unless it’s an emergency.) Please call (571) 252-2200) ext. 82064. My email address is David.Lind@lcps.org 
    Mr. Lind is looking forward to working with you and your child. It is our goal at Stone Bridge to have every student achieve to their highest level possible.


    Mr Lind also sponsors BUDS Club. If you would like to join or have more information, please contact him.