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    bulldog Al Faraone Al Faraone
     Learning Resource Teacher


    He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the City University of New York and his Master’s Degree in the Science of Education from Iona College. He taught English in The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Westchester County. In 1979 he joined United Airlines as an instructor. He moved from New York to Virginia in 1991. He kept his ties to the school system as a member of the Loudoun County School-Business Partnership. 

    After retiring from United in 2004 he accepted a position as a special education teacher at Stone Bridge High School. In 2007 he again became an English teacher. In 2012 he left the English Department to head the School-Within-A-School program where he teaches multiple grades of English, history, reading, and basic skills.


    Past honors include an NAACP Teaching Award; The Learning Resource Network selected him as a National Teacher of the Week in 2012.  He has been chosen by our highest scholastic achieving students to be honored at the Excellence in Education Banquet seven times.      


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