(TRUE) Love in tennis means “zero”

      (FALSE)Singles and Doubles tennis uses the same size court

     (TRUE)  In tennis, you must serve diagonally

     (TRUE)  In tennis, one player serves for the entire game

        (FALSE)In doubles tennis, the team alternates who hits it over the net

     (TRUE)  In birdie ball, it is better to hit the ball high in the air

     OD stands for overdrinking

     (TRUE) Marijuna is a gateway drug

     (TRUE) LSD, PCP, shrooms, and MDMA are all hallucinogens

       (FALSE)The anesthetic drug that also have been used as a date rape drug is also known as roofies

     (TRUE) Sharing needles can cause HIV and Hepatitis B

       (FALSE)Cocaine’s effects are 10 times greater than crack

       (FALSE)In PE class, a puck was used for floor hockey

       (FALSE)Baseball and softball are the same exact sport

      (FALSE) If you run passing home plate in softball, you get 2 runs

     (TRUE) In birdie ball (golf), you want to have a lower score than your opponent.

     (TRUE) In table tennis, you use a ping pong paddle to hit the ball over the net

      (FALSE)A foul ball is a ball that gets caught in the infield

    (TRUE) In lacrosse, you cradle the ball so it does not fall out of the stick


    Smoking cigarettes does NOT cause

    a. cancer                          b. yellow teeth                        c. weight gain                          d. emphysema


    A ______________________ is a bulging in the aorta, which is the main artery in the body

    a. aortic bulge                  b. emphysema                         c. aortic aneurysm           d. femoral aneurysm


    Nicotine is a _____________________ drug found in tobacco products

    a. depressant    b. hallucinogen                       c. stimulant                                 d. inhalant


    COPD stands for

    a. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease                        b. cough obstructive pulmonary disease

    c. chronic obstructive people disorder                             d. chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder


    A condition in which the alveoli lose most of their ability to function

    a. leukoplakia                  b. cirrhosis                              c. cancer                  d. emphysema


    A chemical that is known to cause cancer

    a. carcin                           b. cigarette                                               c. carcinogen                                           d. clove


    A majority of adult smokers start before the age of _____ and are more likely to become heavy smokers and die to die of a disease caused by smoking.

    a. 15                   b. 16                     c. 17                        d. 18


    Which does not have nicotine?

    a. cigarette                       b. alcohol c. clove                    d. cigar


    A nicotine patch should be worn on the

    a. foot                              b. butt                      c. leg                        d. arm


    More than _____________________ people die each year from smoking

    a. 100,000                       b. 1 million                              c. 400,000                               d. 750,000


    Made from powdered tobacco leaves and stems that is snorted or placed between the gums and cheek

    a. snuff                            b. dip                       c. chewing tobacco                  d. chew


    The most hazardous form of indoor air pollution 

    a. carbon monoxide         b. mainstream smoke                  c. secondhand smoke               d. carcinogen


    The __________________ has classified secondhand smoke as a group A carcinogen

    a. FTC                             b. EPA                    c. THC                    d. COPD


    Which is NOT a risk of alcoholism

    a. genetics                        b. self-esteem              c. dislike taste                   d. childhood behavior


    A period in which a person cannot remember what has happened is called

    a. hangover                      b. blackout                               c. rape                                      d. passout


    Natural ending of a pregnancy before a baby is developed enough to survive on it own is called

    a. stillbirth                       b. pregnancy                            c. FAS                                     d. miscarriage


    During slow pitch softball there are how many players in the field

    a. 8                                  b. 9                          c. 10                        d. 11


    What position plays between 2nd and 3rd base?

    a. 3rd baseman b. shortcake             c. shortstop              d. 2nd baseman


     True/False You can steal a base in slow pitch softball.


    You are on 1st base and the batter just hit a fly ball into center field.  The center fielder caught it. What should you do?

    a. Run to second base                      b. Get into a run down                            c. Run back to 1st base            


    What is full count?   __________ balls ___________ strikes

    a. 3,3                                               b. 3,2                       c.4,3                        d.2,2


    What does "on deck" mean?

    a. you are at bat               b. you are next to bat               c. you are in the hole               d. you are the catcher


    What bases can you overrun without being tagged out?

    a. 1st base         b. 2nd base               c. 3rd base                d. all of them


    The 2nd baseman plays between 1st and 2nd base. True or false


    When the ball passes over the plate, where is the strike zone between?

    a. ankles/neck                  b. knees/shoulders   c. ankles/shoulders  d. ankles/chest


    When serving in table tennis, the ball can bounce how many times on you side before it goes over the net?

    a. none             b. one                      c. two                      d. three


    If the ball hits the net in table tennis when you serve the ball and goes over it is called a

    a. net                                b. let                        c. fault                     d. do over


     The  table tennis game ends when the first team gets to how many points? ____________

    a. 10                                b. 11                        c. 20                        d. 21


    True/False. In doubles table tennis you must alternate hitting the ball with your partner and no one can hit the ball twice in a row


    Cirrhosis is a disease of the ____________ caused by chronic damage to its cells

    a. stomach                       b. liver                                     c. intestines                              d. immune system


    Which is NOT a treatment for alcoholics

    a. AA (alcoholics anonymous)        b. Al-Anon              c. Alateen                d. CPA


    .In the United States, the legal limit for alcohol is

    a. 0.01                             b.  0.08                    c.  0.10                   d. 0.05


    Consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time is

    a. binge drinking                             b. purge drinking                     c. blackout               d. hazing


    An alcoholic beverage that contains about _________ ounce of alcohol is considered one drink of alcohol

    a. ½                 b. 1 ½                                      c. 2                          d. 1


    What percent of the alcohol that a person drinks is absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of the stomach

    a. 10                                b. 15                        c.20                         d. 25


    The measure of the amount of alcohol in a beverage is called

    a. distillation    b. percentage of alcohol                           c. proof                    d. fermentation


    Reaction of the body to the sudden stop of alcohol consumption

    a. alcoholism   b. delirium tremens syndrome                 c. alcohol withdrawal syndrome                              d. hallucinations


    Rape in which the person who is raped knows the rapist is called

    a. Acquaintance rape       b. domestic rape      c. domestic violence                d. acquaintance violence


    The most common way for a drug to enter the body is

    a. mouth          b. injection               c. inhalation                             d. implantation


    A __________________ is a written order from a license health professional

    a. subscription                 b. prescription                         c. pharmacy                             d. infection


    ____________________ is an ingredient in plants from South Pacific Islands

    a. Ephedra                       b. Kava                    c. Herbal supplements                             d. Creatine


    Epedra was banned in the FDA in _______?

    a. 2003                            b. 2004                    c. 2005                    d. 2006


    Absorption of a drug between the check and gum

    a. buccal absorption         b. suppository               c. sublingual absorption    d. implantation


    Condition in which the body does not get the nutrients required for optimal health

    a. cirrhosis                       b. malnutrition                         c. hepatitis               d. hangover


    A stillbirth is when the baby is born

    a. underweight                 b. dead                     c. overweight                           d. with a disability


    The leading cause of mental disability is

    a. fetal alcohol syndrome                    b. domestic violence               c. alcoholic father      d. heredity


    The condition in which the liver swells due to alcohol is called

    a. alcoholic hepatitis        b. cirrhosis              c. malnutrition                         d. alcoholism


    Beer contains what percentage of alcohol

    a. 1%                               b. 4%                       c. 8%                       d. 12%


    A 12 ounce can of beer is equal to ______ ounces of liquor

    a. ½ b. 1 ½                      c. 2                          d. 2 ½


    Process that uses a fermented mixture to obtain an alcoholic beverage with a high alcohol content

    a. blood alcohol concentration                         b. toxin                    c. fermentation                         d. distillation


    Which is not a factor that affects the BAC

    a. Body weight                b. gender c. tolerance              d. amount of food eaten


    An activity which a person is forced to participate in a dangerous or demeaning act to become a member of a club or group is called

    a. drinking games                            b. hazing  c. binge drinking     d. toxin


    Alcohol does NOT affect which part of the body

    a. digestive system          b. urinary system     c. reproductive system                  d. alcohol affects all part of the body


    True/False: The server can serve to either side of the white line in table tennis


    When it is game point in table tennis, who serves:

    winning team  b.  losing team


    In floor hockey, the game starts with a

    a. draw            b. face-off                c. jump ball              d. coin flip


    True/False You can knock the ball down with your hand or foot


    In birdie ball, I should keep my head down with a slow swing to not miss the ball TRUE


    If your dominate hand is your right what hand does your glove go on for softball

    a. right             b. left


    In softball if you are right handed and you were batting which hand would be on the bottom of the bat

    a. right             b. left


     How many outs are there for in each inning in softball for EACH TEAM?

    a. 2  b. 3          c. 4          d.5


     In softball the ball is pitched?

    a. overhand      b. side arm               c. underhand            d. anyway the pitcher wants to throw it


      A form of football played between two teams of 11 players, in which the ball may be advanced by kicking or by bouncing it off any part of the body but the arms and hands except for the goalkeeper

    a. basketball                     b. lacrosse               c. soccer  d. hockey


     A game resembling tennis, played on a table with small paddles and a hollow celluloid or plastic ball

    a. football        b. lacrosse               c. table tennis                           d. soccer


     A game, originated by Indians of North America, in which two 10-member teams attempt to send a small ball into each other's netted goal, each player being equipped with a crosse or stick at the end of which is a netted pocket for catching, carrying, or throwing the ball

    a. football        b. soccer  c. softball d. lacrosse


     A form of baseball played on a smaller diamond with a larger and softer ball

    a. lacrosse        b. softball                c. football                d. soccer


     An indoor version of hockey played with a lighter puck or ball in a gymnasium

    a. table tennis                   b. football                c. softball d. floor hockey


     A game, similar to squash, played by 5 persons who strike a small ball against a wall or walls with the hand, there is a goalie

    a. handball                       b. soccer                  c. tennis                   d. floor hockey


     A game played on a rectangular court by two players or two pairs of players equipped with light rackets used to volley a shuttlecock over a high net that divides the court in half.

    a. badminton                    b. table tennis                          c. lacrosse                d. softball


     In tennis, if the score is 40-40, it is called

    a. let                 b. fault                     c. deuce   d. game point


    A substance other than food that changes the way the body or mind functions

    a. drug               b. tolerance                 c. ephedra                           d. prescription


    The white, milky fluid from the seedpod of the poppy plant

    a. morphine                                     b. opium                  c. codeine                                d. heroin


    The intentional use of a drug without medical or health reasons

    a. drug misuse                 b. syringe                                c. drug use                               d. drug abuse


    Two drugs are chemically the same and produce the same medical effects

    a. synergy        b. therapeutical equivalence     c. contraindication        d. tamper-resistant


    An herbal supplement known for its stimulating effects, provides energy and increased metabolism

    a. kava                                             b. morphine                             c. steroid  d. ephedra


    A ___________________ is a drug with a registered name or trademark given to it by a pharmaceutical company

    a. generic-name                               b. brand-name                         c. buccal-name                    d. therapeutical-name


    An unwanted body change that is not related to the main purpose a drug

    a. contraindication                           b. tamper-resistant   c. suppository                         d. side effect


    Absorption of a drug when it is placed under the tongue

    a. sublingual absorption                  b. buccal absorption                  c. suppository        d. implantation


    A wax coated form of a drug that is inserted into the rectum

    a. ephedra                        b. buccal  c. contraindication              d. suppository


    The body’s reaction to quitting the use of tobacco products

    a. nicotine withdrawal syndrome     b. FTC      c. alcohol withdrawal syndrome            d. COPD


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