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    Hello Harper Park Hurricanes! 

    Welcome to 7th Grade! I am excited about the 2020–21 school year despite its unique challenges and I’m positive that the class of 2026 is up to the task! This is my third year at Harper Park Middle School (HPMS); before that I was a school counselor and teacher at the high school-level.

    Due to distance learning, counselor to student contact and communication will look a bit different this year. As always, I will check in with students quarterly, either in small groups or individually; however, if you need to speak to me for a counseling session, I will obtain your parent’s permission to ‘meet’ with you virtually. I am also available to parents who need to talk through something, obtain mental health resources outside of the school system, and facilitate parent/teacher conferences, as needed.

    As a member of the Unified Mental Health Team, I work closely with the other counselors, our social worker, and psychologist to create new programs and improve the already existing mental health services to continue our support and prevention services at HPMS. 

    In 7th grade, we will focus on:

    • Anti-bullying prevention: Students will focus on sexual harassment and bullying prevention
    • Career Exploration: Students will explore careers clusters, career planning, and goal setting through FACS classes.         
    • Academic Planning: Students will select classes and start the High School Academic Plan.
    • College Visit Day: Students will begin to learn about and explore what is involved in the college experience.

    My goals for this school year are:

    • ‘Check in’ quarterly with each of my students during distance learning
    • Communicate with students through virtual lessons and other helpful resources posted to our websites
    • Increase Restorative Practice training for administrators and teachers 

    How to get in touch with me:

    Email me: Jude.Misik@lcps.org

    Click here to 'Request to talk to Mr. Misik'

    Call my online phone: 571-440-2550 ext.12821 

    Call the main school number: 571-252-2820

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