• Briar Woods High School

    Our Mission


    • to engage our students actively in a challenging, diverse, safe learning community;
    • to equip each student with the cognitive, social, economic, political, and technological skills, and the knowledge to be successful, in a rapidly changing world;
    • to prepare our students to be lifelong learners, to become responsible members of society, and to exercise sound judgment in all matters.

    Our Vision

    …What we hope to become…

    The vision of Briar Woods High School is

    - to provide a safe, supportive, vibrant environment that encourages the development of each of its members, to the best of his/her ability, as an ethical and respectful citizen who embraces diversity;

    - to emphasize civic and personal responsibility in an environment enriched with unique learning opportunities through quality instruction and active student and staff participation;

    - to create opportunities for the personal and cognitive development of every individual involved in school life;

    - to foster the development of self-directed individuals who, in pursuit of personal and career goals, display initiative, responsibility, and a sound work ethic - as well as a commitment to lifelong learning - while maintaining balance in their lives;

    - to develop in each individual critical thinking and problem solving skills;

    - to help students become effective collaborative workers who demonstrate efficacious communication skills and an appreciation of teamwork;

    - to embrace a philosophy based on parents as partners;

    - to promote a culture of respect, honesty, and integrity.

    Briar Woods High School

    Our Core Values

    The behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and commitments that we must exhibit to fulfill our school’s vision system guide our actions, focus our energies, and serve as an anchor point for all our plans.

    1. The Pursuit of Excellence in a Learning Community.
    2. The Promotion of Collaborative Initiatives, Relationships, and Interactions Among Students, Staff, Parents, and Community.
    3. The Promotion of Individual Growth and Development.
    4. The Nurturing of Students’ Self-Confidence, Intellectual Growth, and Social Interactions.
    5. The Setting of High Expectations/Standards for Students, Staff, and Parents.
    6. The Recognition and Rewarding of Student Achievements in Co-Curricular Activities.
    7. The Recognition that the School Supports the Growth and Development of Teachers, Staff, and Parents.
    8. The Provision of Leadership Opportunities.
    9. The Creation and Maintenance of an Environment of Safety, Well-Being, Trust, Support, and Respect.
    10. The Provision of a Comfortable Learning Environment.
    11. The Encouragement and Support of Creativity and Innovation.
    12. The Fostering of Connections with Local and Global Communities.
    13. The Valuing of (Local to World) Community Service as a Way of Giving Back and Doing Good.