• Our Stone Bridge High School scholastic chess club combines educational and social activities. Our members get together to play, to learn, to teach, and meet old friends and make new ones. They represent varied levels of skill, experience and age. The club offers a wide variety of activities. There are chess speed games, clocked games and games played at a more leisurely pace. While the club tends to focus on tournament style chess, the club caters to recreational play as well. There are never any dues to pay. As the club grows we are looking to expand the opportunities for members to play other scholastic chess clubs. There are plans to sponsor a Parent/Community night where friends and relatives of our students can join us in a social evening of chess and refreshments. Please contact our sponsor if you wish to get involved with a club that fosters critical and abstract thinking, planning, logic, analysis and a heavy dose of fun!

    Sponsor: Mr. Cogolludo