• Welcome to the Inter-Club Council! (ICC)

    "To prevent mayhem"

    To empower club officers to communicate seamlessly and unite in promoting their respective clubs. By fostering effective collaboration and shared promotion strategies, ICC enhances the visibility and impact of each club in the building.


    FY 2023-24 Goals

    - Foster networking and collaboration among club members for mutual benefit.
    - Raise awareness of lesser-known clubs within the school community.
    - Enhance effective communication between various clubs.
    - Develop students as leaders through engaging leadership conferences.
    - Coordinate and schedule club meetings and activities throughout the year.
    - Provide timely announcements and updates to clubs.
    - Promote the spirit of community service and unity at Stone Bridge through school-wide quarterly objectives.


    Contact Ms. Steeprow (Jennifer.S.Steeprow@lcps.org) to learn more!

    co-presidents: Zubair Mahedavi, Anika Malyala


    Attention Club Officers: Ms. Steeprow will contact your club sponsor about joining; look for an email from your sponsor.