HelloI'm Mrs. Steeprow and I'm the Stone Bridge Activities Coordinator. 
    As Activities Coordinator, I help clubs and organizations fundraise, recruit members, plan events and assist in any other way that the club and organization sponsors need.  I also coordinate the Activities Fair, class elections, Rising Freshman Orientation and other school wide functions.  In addition, I maintain the activities supplies that students and advisors can use to publicize events or hold club meetings.  Fundraising is also an integral part of my job, with the funds going to help start up new clubs, reward students and sponsors and provide prizes for various contests and competitions. 
    As the Activities Coordinator, it was my goal to facilitate what is called and Inter Club Council (ICC). The ICC was created in 2013 to act as a liaison between clubs, administration, and the community.  Together with the ICC, we aim to support students and our community working togther with the SCA, sponsors, coaches, administration and staff to develop an exciting school atmosphere that promotes spirit, sportsmanship, and philanthropic opportunities for our Stone Bridge students throughout the year.   
    The goal of the Activities Department is to raise $2,000 per year to support these various clubs and organizations. We hope you will support fundraisers that are sponsored by the department.  Remember...all money will go back to the students or the sponsors that give so much of their time so freely!
    On this website, you will be able to see what clubs and organizations are available to students, who the sponsors are, the upcoming events and much, much more.  Please check back every so often for changes and updates.
    If you have questions about a club or organization, or if you'd like to get involved with a club or event, please feel free to contact the sponsor or me.  We will do our best to help you!  You can e-mail me at Jennifer.s.steeprow@lcps.org or call the school at 571-252-2200. 
    Thank you for your support!