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Science National Honor Society


Advisor: Mrs. Karandikar  


Soumya Kosoor
Sarah Orfaly
Amanda Chin
Isabella Grados 
Medha Nalumachu

The SNHS co-president is assigned to you and should have communicated with you by email. If you do not receive an email from your "assigned co-president", please let Ms. K. know.

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Science National Honor Society honors students who excel in the areas of science. We are a Stone Bridge chapter of a national organization.

SNHS is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors ONLY!
Science National Honor Society is a national honor society designated for students who excel in the field of science, maintain certain grade point average as well as keep a distinguished grade in all their science classes.
Our mission is to encourage scientific and intellectual thought and advance the students’ knowledge of classical and modern science. You will not only be able to gain opportunities to volunteer for science-oriented activities, but also to obtain information about independent science research, science-oriented summer activities, scholarships, and different careers in the field of science. The members will have to complete the required service hours that will be executed in the fields related to science-which includes tutoring, lab assisting, etc.
Eligibility Guidelines:
 A student must have and maintain a 3.5-grade point average and a 3.75 science grade point average to be a member. In addition, the following qualifications must be met and maintained:
• A member must be enrolled in at least one honors or AP science class during or prior to the tenth-grade year.
• A member must maintain a B+ average (or equivalent) across all science courses.
We expect our members to achieve above and beyond in the field of science, but our specific requirements are very minimal:
• Finish the minimum required hours of community service in the area related to
science every semester
o Seniors: 8 hours
o Juniors: 6 hours
o Sophomores: 5 hours
Only seniors will get cords.
Ms. Karandikar will approve if a senior should get a cord.
The cords can be collected on __
Please fill out the
SNHS Application Form (available on the page "application" on the SNHS website) by Oct 16th.
Members must reapply each school year. 
Any questions, email us at SNHS
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