Positive Experiences in Educational Relationships
    PEER Members 2022
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    PEERs Are
    students trained by professionals
    listeners, not advice-givers
    *required to maintain confidentiality
    PEER Activities
    Bulldogs Don't Bully assembly at SBHS
    mentoring activities at TMS
    assemblies about positive relationships at feeder elementary schools
    leadership in Advisory
    informational sessions with new students
    activities to facilitate friendship and cooperation
    signs of appreciation for others in the school
    one-on-one meetings to listen and to help a student talk through an issue or problem 
    *Everything is confidential UNLESS someone mentions self-harm, hurting someone else, being hurt by another, or a current pregnancy. PEERs are required to alert the School Counselors to those issues.

    One-On-One Meetings

    (*Information to come about how these will be conducted virtually. During distance learning, they will not be 1:1 contacts.)

     Anyone may refer a student (students, school counselors, teachers, parents).

     Students may request a PEER meeting through the counselors or the PEER desktop icon.
    Counselor meets with the recommended student to see if he or she would like to meet with PEER.
    If student agrees, a meeting is arranged. 
    Meetings are held in private conference rooms in the counseling office.


     Examples of Problems PEER Can Address


    boyfriend/girlfriend issues

    family problems

    friend problems




    To request a confidential meeting with a PEER, see any teacher or school counselor. You may also email your request to cynthia.mccarthy@lcps.org.

Last Modified on April 3, 2024