battle of the Books

    Battle of the Books

    If you like to read you’ll want to JOIN

      Battle of the Books is a competition between Loudoun County high schools. The ultimate goal is to bring home the “Golden Book" trophy.  Battle members read for pleasure, discuss books, and interact with other students who share a love of reading (and also eat pizza).  
    SDReading Specialists select titles covering genres such as fiction, nonfiction, historical fiction, humor, mystery, science fiction and fantasy. Students on the Battle team from each school read as many books on the selected list as time allows. The Battle contestants meet regularly with the reading specialists to discuss the books and practice answering questions to prepare for the Battle. 

    The competition uses a Jeopardy-style format with each high school's team sending five members to compete on stage in each round. Team members are asked questions about the selected books by the moderator.  Point values range from five to twenty points for each question depending upon the level of difficulty. Each team may score points on each question.


    The Battle team holds regular meetings both before and after school. Members are expected to read at least four of the titles and write practice questions for each book.

    For more information or to join the team, contact our reading specialist, Ms. Laura Berry 
Last Modified on December 13, 2018