The Stone Bridge Social Science and Global Studies Department welcomes you to our web page. We are committed to ensuring that all of our students attain a better understanding of the world and its peoples. We offer a wide variety of courses that challenge our students to learn more about the world's cultures, people, and governments. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in World History, United States History, US & Comparative Government, Human Geography, Economics and Psychology. Dual Enrollment courses are offered in African History, Latin American History, United States History, and United States Government.

    Use the links below to access the homepages for the following Social                              Science teachers here at Stone Bridge High School.
    Ms. Blake:Early World History
    Ms. Davis:  Early & Modern World History
    Ms. Graham:  Modern World History & AP World History
    Mr. Graney: Dual Enrollment US History & Government
    Mr. Henry:  Introduction to AP World History
    Mr. Landry:  AP Psychology & Modern World History
    Mr. Linder:  AP Human Geography
    Ms. McCall:  Government 
    Ms. Rosati: Introduction to AP World History, AP World                             History, & DE African History
    Mr. Rutan:  Semester Psychology & Semester Econ
    Ms. Shangraw:  US History & Dual Enrollment Government
    Mr. Smialek: Semester Economics and US History
    Mr. Stiles: Government & AP Government
    Ms. Trent:  US History 
    Ms. Van Sickle: Early World History and Modern World History
    Mr. Wilkin:  Modern World History,  & Early World History
    Mr. Willis: AP US History & AP Economics




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