• Science Department
                           Department Chair is Jeanette Fehr

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    Dr. Janet Cascio:

          Research Biology, AP Biology 

    Dr. Carol Hensley  & Mr. Michael Broome

          Academic Biology

    Mrs. Swapna Karandikar    

          Research Biology & AP Biology 

    Mr. Luis  Velazquez

           Research Biology 

    Mr. Noah Bourlett

           Research Biology & Chemistry

     Dr. Aaron Dobbs
         Research Chemistry & AP Chemistry

    Dr. Bob Mandes

         Research Chemistry, AP Chemistry,  ISR

    (Independent Science Research)

    Mrs. Renee Whitmire 
         Research Chemistry & Academic Chemistry
    Mrs. Caroline Cresson 

         Academic Chemistry

    Ms. Lisa Bell

         Research Earth Science & Geospatial

    Mr. Tom Evosirch & Mr. Ben West 

         Academic Earth Science 

    Mrs. Jeanette Fehr  

         Research Earth Science

    Mr. Scott Torre 

         Environmental Explorations & Chemistry

    Mr. Michael Broom


    Mrs. Shahnaz Seperband & Ms. Sandra Sokol 

           Environmental Explorations

    Mr. Tim Gresh 
         Physics  &  AP Physics 

    Mr. Chris Haeberle


    Mr. Neil Hansberger
          Conceptual Physics & Physics
    Ms. Erika Hippler
          Conceptual Physics

     *  Something to consider for later scheduling-- Environmental Science: For Grades 11-12 Prerequisites: Two Lab Science Credits. (Earth Science & Biology suggested) Successful performance on 2 science SOL tests (to be chosen from Earth Science, Biology, and/or Chemistry)