Fine Arts
                                                                      Department Chair is Mr. David Keller
    Drama, Music (Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Guitar) and the Visual Arts
    The Stone Bridge High School Fine Arts Department has a distinguished reputation for the highest levels of achievement in dramatic
    and musical performances and visual arts. Our programs account for individual and cultural diversity, provide accommodations for
    students with special needs, and exceeds the minimum standards set forth by the Virginia Department of Education.
    We invite to attend our choral and music concerts, dramatic presentations and musicals, art exhibits
    and our annual "Fine Arts Night," a traditional fine arts event held annually in March. 
    You will see firsthand the enthusiasm, creativity, skill development, and learning the students have achieved 
    because of our exciting program at Stone Bridge High School!
    Virginia State Standards of Learning (SOL's) in all areas of Fine Arts are located here: 
     fine arts
    Please check the site of specific teachers to find out information about class requirements and teaching schedules:
    Thank you for visiting the Fine Arts Workspace and supporting the Stone Bridge High School Fine Arts Department!