• Welcome to the Sterling Middle Library 


    Developing critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers & skillful researchers since 1971.”

  • Our Mission 

    The mission of Sterling Middle School library is to promote learning and research through a student-centered library curriculum that closely links classroom learning with the information literacy skills a student needs to excel in a 21st century learning environment. 


    Who are the school librarians?

    Ms. Guido, Librarian 

    Mrs. Buffi, Librarian  

    Ms. Carbajal, Library Assistant 


    After school hours

    After School: The library is open by appointment after school when buses are available.

    Two Requirements:

    1. A signed note from a parent or guardian

    2. Librarian availability checked in advance

    Can I access the library catalog from home?

    YES! Simply click on the Destiny logo on the links page and you will be able to search the libraries catalog to see what we have to offer. 

    Can I check-out ebooks and audiobooks from home?

    YES! Click on the MackinVIA logo on the links page and then login with your student account. 


    Can I access school research at home?

    YES! Our online resources are AMAZING! Simply login to LCPS Go and then click the folder that says library resources.

    When can students visit the library?

    Language Arts/English: Students are scheduled to visit the library with their language arts teacher.

    Resource, Lunch, or Teacher Pass: Any Student visiting WITHOUT a teacher must have an e-hall pass and their chromebook.

    Unscheduled Classes: Small groups of classes are welcome to visit if we have available space.Simply email STM_Library to inquire about availability.  


    How many items can a student check out at a time?

    Books: limited to 3 at a time, but may be negotiable

    Magazines: 1 at a time


    How can a student put a book on hold?

    A student may request a book themselves! Login to Destiny and the hold option will be available. 


    What happens if a student loses or damages a book?

    Borrowers must pay for any item that has been damaged beyond repair or lost. Payment can be cash or check made out to Sterling Middle School. If the book is found after a lost book is replaced, no refund is available.

Last Modified on August 30, 2023