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    My name is Janette Johnson and this is my 43rd year at Sterling Middle School. I live in Sterling Park and all three of my children attended school at Sterling Middle and Park View High School. I am married to a tennis professional and we celebrated our 42nd anniversary this summer. We have two grandsons and are having a wonderful time being grandparents. I am looking forward to a great year...my philosophy of education is to treat each of my students as if they were my own children. Thank you for joining our family!
    A calendar of curriculum will be accessible in GOOGLE Classroom. If you need to contact me, my email is: janette.johnson@lcps.org
    A DAYS
    1/2: 8th grade
    3/4: 8th grade
    5/6: Planning
    7/8: 8th grade
    B DAYS
    1/2: Planning
    3/4: 8th grade
    5/6: 8th grade
    7/8: 8th grade